AYUKO 古布・着物地オリジナル手作りリメイクバッグsuzume

古着 (ふるぎ、こぎ)とは、過去に着用されたことのある服飾品が回収され、古着業者により分別や選別がなされて製品化され、再び市場に出回る物の総称である。古手とも。

Old clothes ([furugi] , rowing) are collected the clothing ornament that has been worn in the past, are discretion, are selected by the old clothes trader, are commercialized, and are generic names of the thing to arrive on the market again. With [furushu].

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It was reduced to the cloth, and finally, clothes processed to clothes and other fabric products again as [furununo] and were recycled in the age when textile goods were valuable recycling clothes from of old.

The old clothes wholesale store develops in Japan at the early modern age. The market greatly imports all over the world by various old clothes through the buyer or is exported at the present age when the dress and the dress culture changed greatly from the kimono. The main import destination is the United States.

Jeans are enumerated by typical old clothes. Jeans of old clothes become one million yen or more in the high one every 100 yen by the one that the price class is very wide, and cheap. The price changes in various respects like the color fall, the tiredness condition, and the shape etc. of the stitch, and when it is valuable shape worldwide etc. , it becomes such a price.

Old clothes of leather goods and old clothes etc. of the thing that was originally brand-name goods appear on the market well in recent years, and, as such, because it is possible to buy it by ~ about 30 percent0 percent of the market price, it is popular.

It doesn't limit to jeans, and there is a lot of men who feel the charm in old clothes such as the sweats. It is said that it settles down a past boom because of one side, and the market scale is comparatively steady.

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AYUKO おすすめリンク集1

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